Restaurant websites are one of the most crucial tools for branding, engaging with customers, and ultimately growing your business. Restaurant web design isn’t just about uploading your menu online; it’s an integral part of any restaurant’s digital marketing plan. As a restaurant owner, likely your primary focus will be on the food, staff, and menu. But if there are no customers, no matter how tasty your dishes might be, your restaurant falls flat. How do you bring in new customers? Build a website.

Does a restaurant really need a website?

Yes, 100% yes. A website gets your restaurant’s name out there and gives potential patrons a feel for your restaurant, menu, and atmosphere. According to the National Restaurant Association, 83% of Americans look up restaurants before deciding on making reservations or ordering takeout or delivery.

Restaurant Web Design

The goals of a restaurant’s website can vary. In most cases, the primary goal is “conversion,” which means driving new business and turning web browsers into dining customers. At Integrity Marketing Services, we create well-presented, user friendly, optimized websites that highlight your restaurant’s best features. Our web design for restaurants helps drive new business by implementing must-have features needed to build your online presence.

Far too many restaurants either don’t have a website at all, or their site is outdated. This is a huge mistake. Some restaurant owners may solely rely on social media to get the word out about their business. While a strong social media presence can do wonders, a restaurant’s website should be the primary online presence.

Top 5 reasons your restaurant needs a website:
    1. Improve your search ranking to bring in customers. When locals in your area do an online search for close by restaurants, you want your site to be among the top-ranked search results.
    2. Offer basic info like the location, menu, operation hours, and special promotions.
    3. Set yourself apart from your competition. Use this platform to tell your story, show your passion, and give people a reason why they should dine at your eatery.
    4. Increase awareness and create a brand identity. Let customers know what you're all about before they step through the door.
    5. Improve trust and loyalty. Online reviews today are almost as powerful as personal recommendations. A website is a perfect platform to build confidence in your establishment with real customer testimonials.

Stop Losing Out On Potential Business

If your restaurant doesn’t have a website, you’re seriously missing out. Today, no matter the size or location of your restaurant, a strong online presence will likely determine whether or not customers hear about your business and choose to dine there. Our web designs for restaurants at Integrity Marketing Services are created to help reach mass audiences, build your brand, and serve as a place where customers can quickly and easily find information.

Are you interested in a website for your restaraunt?

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