The purpose of a stylescape is to communicate our vision for your brand. A stylescape is a collection of brand assets like images, colors, typography or fonts, icons, and more. A stylescape allows us to present the overall identity with the purpose of client feedback and buy-in before a more concrete web mockup is created and delivered.

Having a website for your business is more important than ever. While many businesses rely on word of mouth for clients, you’re missing out on a huge audience without a professional website. A strong digital presence is more important than ever before. Increasing quality traffic to your website will increase your leads and profits for your small business.

The purpose of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is to increase the quality traffic to your website. As much as 92% of all search traffic comes from the first page so it’s important you have a strong SEO strategy. There’s many factors that go into effective SEO but the backbone is quality content. We provide keyword research, in-house content writing, and proper technical SEO to our clients.

Local SEO is a strategy we use when clients have a physical location or a specific service area. There are many strategies that we use to assure you’re found when people search your store, service or products in your service area. The first task is to assure you have a verified and optimized Google Business listing. We then provide keyword research and implement a content strategy. This content strategy typically includes “city pages” where we create multiple pages targeting specific cities.

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