George Andrews

George is a self-taught web technician. He solidified his web development knowledge with a degree in Web Design and Cloud Services from Edmonds College. Having worked with our Co-Founder Matt at other startups, bringing George’s talents to the Integrity team was a no-brainer.

Never seeking limelight or praise, George is always ready to help with any problem. He enjoys getting projects to the finish line and finding solutions that make everyone’s lives easier.

George Andrews


  • Adobe Suite
  • Google Cloud
  • Amazon S3
  • Analytics
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • Security

I am a willing helper. I see our clients and my teammates as family, so I strive to treat them with the utmost love and care. I appreciate the doors technology has opened for local businesses, and I love helping business owners increase their website efficiency and grow their operations. Being a part of the Integrity team was an easy choice, and it continues to fill me with pride almost three years later. Our company truly has the transparency and know-how to do the job for its clients.

George considers himself a born tinkerer and a continuous learner. George loves all kinds of games, including sports, video games, board games, and card games. He also enjoys a wide range of music and books. Most of all, he loves his wife and 3 kids.