Kirkland Social Media Agency

Here at Integrity Marketing, we leverage our deep understanding of our social media management experience with a strategy based approach to create a marketing solution that delivers.

Our Social Media Discovery Process

This is the first stage in the discovery process. This simple questionnaire allows us to gain insight and understand your unique wants and needs in regards to your digital presence. Please allocate 10-15 minutes when filling out the questionnaire and include any relevant information you think we should know.

The fun part! In the second stage of the Discovery Phase we dive deep and understand the unique needs of your company and identify the target audience and the overall messaging we want to push. This session will last 30 min + depending on the scope of information needed for the project.

After the discovery session is complete and the notes are compiled we will create a social media strategy designed specifically for your business wants and needs. We will determine posting days, times, mentions, etc. to align with your goals of social media growth and reiterate as necessary.

Our Social Media Management Process

Social Media Manager

As a collaborative member of our team you will have access to your own social media account manager. The account manager will walk you through the process of discovery, strategy, and content collection. In addition, they will create the posting schedule via the content calendar and review the social media analytics with you after the campaign has matured. Think of them as an extension of your company, I mean our company, uh, both companies. Yeah, both companies.

Content Collection

This part of the process involves gathering all photos and written content our clients may want to be featured in the posts. Our social media manager will reach out and coordinate collection of any assets at this time and we will create and supplement content as needed. We have strategic partnerships with videographers, photographers, and caption writers to create engaging content for your growing business.

Content Calendar

Social Media Management works best when our agency is able to collaborate with your team on content creation. We value your feedback and our mission is to powerful content which is also in line with your brand vision. Nobody knows your business better than you do. This is why we provide our Social Media clients with a monthly posting calendar, so you know what’s being posted and when.

Social Media Analysis

A vital part of social media management is reviewing the performance of the social media campaign. We will review the social media metrics on a regular basis to determine what strategies are performing best on each individual platform. We try not to operate on the “I think’s and I feels” but rather focusing on analytics and fine tuning the process to get the results we want.

Why us?

Why not? We were born out of a need for marketing solutions to small to medium sized businesses. We fully understand the tight budgets, endless amounts of marketing solutions, and overall growing pains of the mom & pop shops, small businesses, and startups. We understand it because we’re in the same boat. We have been in business for three years and are getting better every single day. Refining our practice. Optimizing our processes. Executing action orders. You get the gist. Let us Grow Together…Digitally.

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Social Media Content Creation

Brand Creation

The logo creation process will entail three logos being sent initially. If one is chosen, great! If one isn’t we will ask for feedback and design a unique logo based on your provided thoughts. Your brand identity should be stamped on all you do. Branding is one of the most important ingredients for the success of any business. It tells customers who you are and distinguishes you from your competitors.

Content Creation

Being a full digital marketing agency, we have the ability to make and design all the creative posts and content you may need for your social media campaign. We have strategic partnerships with videographers, photographers, copy writers and more. If you have an idea, we can probably make it happen. I say “probably” because we’ve had some pretty wild requests. Bottom line is, our insurance company doesn’t know how to have fun.

Benefits of Social Media Management

Brand Awareness

There are over 3 Billion people using social media worldwide. There is no better way to reach your target audience than Social Media Marketing. Each social media platform provides a unique segment of the entire market. For example, Facebook users have the highest average age of any social platform. Whereas, platforms such as Instagram and Twitter have a much younger demographic. This among many other unique insights help us reach more people and create more brand awareness for your growing company.

Consistent Posting

Time and time again we have heard the same thing from our clients when asked about their social media posting schedule. They start out strong then the consistency fizzles out to months between posts or in the worst cases years between posts. Our simple solution allows for a consistent posting schedule that will keep your brand “top of mind” to all of your followers. We will set up a posting calendar and plan out your posts to align with relevant topical events, holidays, sales cycles, and any other marketing campaigns you may have in store.

Audience Research

Through Audience Research on Social Media, businesses are able to gather information about who their audience is, what they are looking for, and if they are satisfied with the offering. Our process with Audience Research usually begins with analyzing your current following and your potential following. If your business is new to social media, we can also use our tools to see hidden statistics on the following of your top competitors.

Competitive Analysis

We start every new social media project with a comprehensive competitor analysis. This analysis includes metrics such as: how many followers your competitors have across social, what is the average user engagement rate with posts, how often your competitors are posting, and much more. We will strive to seek areas of opportunity that will give your growing business the competitive advantage on and across social media platforms.