Want to run cool video ads on Instagram but don’t think you have the budget?

Not sure if video content is a viable option for your company? Are you overwhelmed at the prospect of running your business and having to create content for social media? Look no further, we’re about to break it all down for you from start to finish.

Video Content is relevant and unique content designed to allow businesses to engage with their target customer base. Whether your goal is building brand awareness or generating leads for conversion, video content can help. A video about your business allows your potential customer to get to know you before you even meet. Video content creates a direct link from you to your customer— everyone has a phone in their pocket.

Video is not only an amazing way for you to connect with your potential customers, but it’s a huge ranking factor of Google’s. Websites with video content on them rank higher in Google’s algorithm. If your company ranks high on Google, it means it will be easier for customers looking for your services to find your company.

Many businesses don’t have video content on their websites or social media for several reasons. Many of our clients aren’t aware of the immense value and assume it’s out of their budget. Maybe they are too busy with the day to day tasks of running their business to have time to film and edit video content. Perhaps they think it’s a waste of time and resources. Many people are camera-shy, what they probably don’t realize is that most people are and that it’s an easy fear to overcome. You probably are already comfortable and confident when talking about your business in person. Integrity Marketing has the experience to coach you in a way that translates that confidence and enthusiasm into a shareable, unique video.

With Integrity Marketing Services, we work with you to create informative, engaging videos for you to connect to your potential customers in an organic, effective way.

We find out what your goals are and execute social media strategies built around video content in a cost-effective, affordable package that works for your business.

Video Content is going to be an important factor in marketing businesses to consumers moving forward. Making Video Content is something that your company can do a lot easier than you’d think. Integrity Marketing makes that possible.

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Are you interested in a video for your business?

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