Creating Local SEO City Pages To Rank Beyond Your Physical Address

If you have a business that travels to your customers, as opposed to them visiting a storefront, your business is considered an SAB or (single location service area business)

Creating Local SEO City Pages for your website is a great strategy for SAB’s and for any business that wants to rank in cities where they don’t have a physical address.

Why Local SEO City Pages?

Because Google won’t show you in the map results for a city you aren’t in, you will need a new strategy for ranking in additional cities. That’s where city pages come in, they allow you to rank organically for your service in a particular city.

How Do I Create SEO City Pages?

It’s important to prioritize the cities you’d like to rank in. Targeting too many cities or having city pages with duplicate or thin content will NOT benefit you. City pages can be added over time which will allow you to focus on writing quality, relevant content for the cities you wish to rank for.

City Page Best Practices

Make sure to include your city pages in the main navigation. If you don’t want to list them in a dropdown, you could link a service page from the main navigation and link to the service areas from there.

  • A portfolio showcasing completed projects in the target area
    Coupons or offers specific to target city
  • Links to local organizations within the city, like the local chamber of commerce
  • Relevant info to the target city like landmarks
  • Customer testimonials from your target city

Don’t Do This With Your City Pages

Creating unique, quality city pages is crucial. Creating city pages with duplicate content or keyword stuffing is going to hurt you more than it will help.

  • Keyword stuff the page full of the target city
  • Have duplicate content or even the exact same layout on every city page
  • Target too many cities. Keep your target city list under 10 important cities or you will dilute your link equity and reduce your chance of ranking.
  • Keep your city pages focused on a specific city and not multiple cities.

Would You Like To Rank In More Cities?

At Integrity Marketing, we have helped countless clients rank for their services in multiple target cities. Give us a call or send us a message and we would love to discuss our proven strategy with you!

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