Kirkland Downtown Association

The Kirkland Downtown Association is a local non-profit organization headquartered here in Kirkland. They aim to help small businesses by hosting events, activities, volunteering opportunities, and providing sponsorships. Over the years, they have become a pillar of the Kirkland community, encouraging people to truly love where they live.

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Project Details

The main goals of this project were to consolidate the Downtown Association’s multiple websites into one, improve various functionality features, and modernize the overall design.

We also wanted to ensure that website users have easy access to information about sponsorships & volunteering opportunities, as well as how to donate.

To achieve our client’s goals, we built a simple & modern website utilizing personable images and videos. We improved the site’s navigation, user experience, and built a custom donate functionality.

Donate Functionality

Event Schema


When The Kirkland Downtown Association came to us they were having difficulty juggling their multiple websites, and keeping event information updated between those different sites. Users were having a hard time navigating the site, finding necessary information, and figuring out how to donate. The website also had an outdated design that didn’t reflect the Association’s standing in the community or breadth of services.

As a fellow Kirkland business, we were excited to partner with them and support a nonprofit doing great work in our community.

Our Solutions

As proud members of the Kirkland Community, we were excited to help elevate the Kirkland downtown association. We implemented a strong technical SEO strategy with event schema for increased search engine visibility. We were able to increase their traffic by a ridiculous 453% for their 4th of July Parade.


With increased visibility in Google Events by implementing event schema, we have been able to increase traffic by over 400%. We will continue working with Kirkland Downtown association for important events.


Instead of relying on third party websites for event listings, integrating event schema has allowed residents to get all the information they need from which increases turnout.

Professional Web Design

Community Focused

The team at Kirkland Downtown Association wanted a modern & clean design yet still wanted to keep the tone of their website friendly and personable. To achieve this, we used their yellow and blue logo colors and white space throughout the site and made the navigation easy for users to sign up for events.

The Team


We are proud to say this project was a great success and our clients loved the results! The new site makes it easy for users to find information and engage with them online, increasing their impact within Kirkland. We continue to host their website, providing them with the ability to seamlessly update news and event information.

We are excited about the work Kirkland Downtown Association has done in our community, and can’t wait to see what their future holds!

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