Cedar Park Christian Schools

Cedar Park Christian Schools is a multi-site campus school in Bothell offering enrollment ranging from preschool to high school. Cedar Park Christin helps children pursue excellence not only in academics but as community members and followers of Jesus. They provide students with the opportunity to excel in a rigorous academic environment, while also being a part of a strong faith-based community.

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Project Details

The goals of this project were to consolidate Cedar Park Christian Schools website under one domain, modernize the design, and improve its overall look and feel.

In order to achieve the client’s goals, we updated the website’s content and simplified the navigation, making it easier for visitors to use. We also embedded high-quality photos and videos throughout the site giving users a personable and immersive experience. Keeping these core goals in mind while leveraging the quality assets, we were able to achieve a modern design that will last for years to come.


Domain Consolidation


Before this project, Cedar Park Christian Schools had multiple web domains, all with outdated content and design. These multiple domains were difficult for parents & visitors to navigate and find the information they desired. Additionally, the outdated design did not portray the quality or values of the school.

Cedar Park Christians Schools came to us wanting to use their website to showcase the quality of their educational programs, as well as have it be a resource for parents and students to utilize. They also wanted to highlight their faculty & staff, faith-based beliefs, and robust student life.

We had to take into consideration a complicated site map and site architecture while working on this project. A major challenge for us was taking the abundance of information and making it simple and digestible for users.

Our Solutions

Cedar Park Christian was consolidating websites for each school into one central location. We were able to bring 8 different websites under one domain and handle all of the redirects to assure they wouldn’t lose rankings. We have maintained search engine visibility while increase their engagement.


By consolidating all of Cedar Park Christian websites under one domain, we were able to increase user engagement by 129% while maintaining traffic and search engine visibility.


Whenever you bring multiple websites under one domain, there is serious risk to lose traffic and visibility if done incorrectly. Our detailed launch strategy with one to one directs has kept all rankings and traffic.

Professional Web Design

Faith-Based Academics

We wanted the design to be modern and professional while keeping it warm and inviting for parents and students. With so many pages, one of the most critical aspects of this project was streamlining the navigation and developing user-friendly calls to action.

The Team


This website was a long creative process and we loved how it turned out! We were able to modernize the website, increasing its quality, functionality, and user-friendliness. Above all, we were able to accurately showcase the value that Cedar Park Christian Schools provides for its students and the community. We continue to host this site, making it easy for the client to update photos and outdated information.

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