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QCash Financial

With a strong focus on financial inclusivity, QCash Financial was founded on the idea that loans should be affordable and accessible for all. They designed a software program that simplifies the loan application process by integrating your banking information and core processor, resulting in automated underwriting and instant funding. They are proud to offer members a variety of short-term loans, all without high fees.

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Project Details

Before working with us on this project, QCash had recently overhauled its brand entirely. To showcase a consistent image to customers, they knew they had to solidify their messaging and realize it on the website.

They wanted an overall modern website that focused on converting users to book a demo and also educate them about the loan process.

To achieve these goals, we redesigned the site on WordPress, developing custom graphics, videos, and animations and reworking the copy to be friendly yet informative.

Copy creation

Graphic design



QCash Financial’s old website did not do enough to differentiate them from its competitors, relate to its audience, or educate consumers about the loan process. They also had outdated copy and design that did not connect with their target audience.

Since QCash is a fintech company, we knew a challenge would be to take complex financial information and simplify it, making it digestible for users.


QCash is a leading Fintech company that had an outdated website. We worked with QCash to improve the overall look and feel while increasing their online presence. The client is super happy with the end result and so are we!


Since we launched the new QCash Financial website they have enjoyed an 80% increase in traffic thanks to a user friendly website and solid technical SEO.


By adding videos and resources and an intuitively designed website, QCash enjoyed a 136% increase in overall engagement across all channels.

Professional Web Design

Financial Inclusivity

We wanted the QCash site to be modern & user-friendly while also keeping in mind that the pages needed to be data focused and informational. The design also features custom graphics and animation, showcasing the brand’s personality.

Words from the client

We’ve had such a wonderful experience with the entire team at Integrity Marketing! They listen and are receptive to our ideas, all while making great suggestions on how we can improve and create better results in traffic, leads, and online presence. Since working with Integrity Marketing, our leads have gone from 2 to 150 per month. They have also given us a beautiful, functional, and user friendly website that our clients are always commenting on. Dylan is incredibly responsive when we have questions, Leo is always willing to set up a meeting if we would like updates, and Matt has a great talent at bringing our vision to life. Working with Integrity Marketing is one of the best investments we’ve made for our company.

— Drew & Kayleigh Bauer, Owners

The Team


We are happy to say this project was a great success, and our clients loved the new website. It is now easy for users to find loan information and book demos online, increasing QCashs number of member sign-ups. Due to the custom graphics and animations, they now have an advantage over competitors. We continue to host this website, allowing our clients to update content when necessary.

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